about the artist

New year, new life! In 2018 I moved to Los Angeles, California and I am loving it!  I’m taking a break from running a tattoo shop to spend time with my family and focus on other creative endeavors that have been on the backburner the last decade since I opened Twelve 28.  You can catch me at the playground or the beach when I’m not hunkered over a tattoo machine.

I began tattooing in Rhode Island in 2001 and have been a full-time artist in several shops in the North Eastern United States (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York).  I’ve also done guest spots and conventions in the United States and Europe.  2007-2015, I owned & operated Twelve 28 Tattoo, in Brooklyn, NY.  2015-2017 I co-owned & operated Trinity Tattoo Collective with my partners, Dorothy Lyczek and Chris Wednesday in Ridgewood, NY.

Nature and wildlife tattoos are preferred, both realistic and with a twist.  I’ve been doing sketchy-style tattoos for over ten years and haven’t gotten tired of them yet!  Bring me your botanical illustrations and desires for nebulae; your fancy lettering and animal portraits! Traditional Americana and Japanese Art are not my thing, but if you’re looking for an ostrich wearing a tutu with some geometric linework and watercolory splotches, I am the artist you’re looking for.  

I often work with breast cancer survivors and previvors on post-mastectomy/breast reconstruction tattooing.  I do both realistic nipples and areolae, as well as other imagery. I often participate in P.INK Day and my shop hosted the event for two years.

I tattoo by appointment only on Saturdays.

I also do commissioned and original artwork, if you’re interested.

Sometimes, I’m in the news.  I have been featured in the NY Post, NY Times, MSNBC, Huff Post Live, and others.  Here are a few links:

Cat Fancy Magazine

New York Times

MTV (for P.INK)


timesxtwo media (for P.INK)


The Scene (for P.INK)

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