Dear West Coast, It’s Been a Minute:

Myself, HusbandPants, and HulkBaby are

visiting Los Angeles in October! Let’s hang out.

I’ll be at the Little Annie Motel Tattoo Parlor,  October 18th.

If you’re interested in scheduling some time, please get in touch soon.

Space is limited.  I would love to catch-up with my friends!

A Sleeve in a Day:

Big, huge THANK YOU to Jaime for sitting like a champ and getting this entire piece done in one, six hour session.  It was a lot of fun to draw up and I’m really happy with the final product – not to mention it was very cool to finish such a large project in one shot.  Enjoy!

Space/Dotwork Sleeve:

I recently started this sleeve on Jason.  I am extremely excited about it since it combines my love of realistic space tattoos and beautiful, tedious dotwork.  It will transition from realistic space to dotwork in the existing armband down to realistic leaves falling into water.  You can keep up with our progress on my Instagram @joy_rumore and my Joy Rumore Artist page on Facebook.



Persian-Inspired Floral Work:


Recently worked on Sahar. Added some more floral work to the existing, Persian-inspired back and rib pieces we did over the last couple of years. Really happy with the way it all flows and the color choices we went with.

Thanks, Sahar!



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